Kapri Productions presents: Two Original Web Serials- Life After Lisa and Click On This


Watch the Introduction Video and more here!

Enjoy the first two webisodes of Life After Lisa, and the first glimpses of our new lifestyles web series Click On This. In mid November we'll have a five minute preview of webisode three of Life After Lisa. We'll also start putting out weekly webisodes of Click On This. 

About Life After Lisa:


To see more of Life After Lisa - Click Here and check out the Life After Lisa website. A preview of our 3rd webisode will be out in Mid November. There are also new pics, and cast descriptions.

About Click On This.


Click On This is a new lifestyles series about Baltimore, hosted by Sabrina Taylor-Smith and Crystal Milana. Click on This and visit their new site! 

Check out "Five Questions" the first webisode of Click On This. Also

check out the bios and picture galleries of the hosts, plus the first entry of their "Click On This" blog. 

Seriously.. CLICK ON THIS 





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