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Life After Lisa
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For Both Shows
For Both Shows

Hey! You could play Lisa!!
We're still looking for "Lisa Shatner"

Here are some examples of our past auditions:

*Tiffany Ariany as Mimi DeMaio*

Watch this 3 minute audition.  The 1st few seconds is a bit weak.  Then she gathers her thoughts- and WOW!  She'll have you in tears!  And in a sad way- not a funny way.  She really brought tears to our eyes.  And the sirens in the back were real- talk about creepy.  Perfect timing.

*Tiffany Ariany got the role of  Mimi DeMaio and she's been a total pleasure to work with.  Enjoy!!

Tammy and Lido on campus - Part One

Tammy and Lido on campus - Part Two

Stephanie Danielson's audition for Jessie

Zoe's Sloane's Fashion Improv as Jessie

Welcome to our Auditions Page.

There will be a casting call on April 3rd, 2010
from 10am to 6pm at:

Contellation Creativ
65 Old Solomons Road,
Annapolis, Md 21401

If you can't make it to that- e-mail us your headshots at castinglane@gmail.com or by regular mail:

Kapri Productions LLC
C/O Casting Department
3252 Keswick Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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Life After Lisa is a SAG New Media Project

Click On This is a non-union project- it's a feature Interview show.  

Character:  Lisa Shatner
Age: early twenties (she dies at the age of 21 years old)
Hair: dark brunette
Eyes: light (blue or green)
Height: medium height
Ethnicity: Irish/ Polish

Major:  Poetry and English major

About the Character:
Lisa is one of the most amazing and beautiful girls one could know.  She's the 1980s dance queen, she's the crazy one who taunts and teases people, she'll take her clothes off  in a NYC second.  She's outgoing, and fun.  People love being around her.

* The key to Lisa is that she's changable.  She shows different sides of herself to different people.  When we put all her pieces together- hopefully we'll have her story.  That's the key to Life After Lisa...

About the Audition:

Look at some of the other auditions for hints.  Study the CHARACTER pages.  You'll be reading some sides that are provided for you.  But you will also be doing an improv.  

Improv Assignment:  Lisa tries to convince Kapria that college life in Baltimore really rocks, man.  Look at the 1st webisode - Jessie Move In for hints.  But convince your best friend Kapria that you really need her to stay in college here in Baltimore with you.  And remember- it's September 1983...



Character:  Brandi Kim
Age: early twenties  
Hair: crazy!
Eyes: brown
Height: doesn't matter
Ethnicity: Asian

Major:  Drama

About the Character:
Brandi is an ACTRESS!  She's retro- loud and flamboyant.  She will do anything to get discovered!  Including taking a film-making class just to be in the films.  She becomes Jessie's film-making partner and um..  Kind of gets in the way ;)  

About the Audition:
You'll be reading some sides that are provided for you.  But you will also be doing an improv.  

Improv Assignment:
Brandi is an actress.  So convince me that you're an actress- and the best actress that ever was!  Brandi is a freshmen like Jessie- so she has never met Lisa.  But she's heard some stuff, and Jessie's film is looking good.  Anyway.. "I'm an actress!!"

Click On This - Players

Ok- Reporters!!  Let's start seeing those videos!!

** Looking for Latin / Hispanic Reporters!!

Character:  Click On This Players
Age: any
Hair: any
Eyes: any
Height: any
Ethnicity: any

Major:  Journalism  

About the Players
We're looking for TEN good people!!  Have you ever wanted to be a reporter or journalist?  We're looking for ten people to work on Click On This as background players and guest reporters.  When you're one of our players- you'll be reporting on our subjects just like Crystal and Sabrina!!  Plus you'll have a profile on our website, and will be included as a cast member on Click On This!!

About the Audition:
Let's see you report on a story for us!  Interview a friend, report on a subject.  Interview one of us- use your imagination!  And have fun with it!!  

** You don't have to audition in person for this one.  You can send us links to your work- or make your own tape where you report on a subject.  Or you can come to one of our audition sessions.  We'll be announcing one shortly.  We'll give you a "subject" at this session..

 Here's a few examples of  Click On This:

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Vote for your favorites!

Help cast our series!  How?  Simply watch the vidoes,
and then send us an e-mail: CastingLane@Gmail.com
Tell us the character(s) and the name of the actor/ actress you would choose for that part.    You may even give us reasons why.  We promise we will take your suggestions into consideration...

However- the final casting decisions are made by our casting department (Perry Blackmon and Elena Moscatt).  We also have SAG actors who have chosen not to put their auditions online - therefore there are some auditions that will only be seen by Perry and Elena.

We will still take your suggestions into consideration, though!!  We love hearing your comments and suggestions!!


Baltimore/ DC  Sessions:  Currently by appointment only.   Make sure we have your headshots/ resume.  We could be calling you!!


We will send you the sides for the characters.  However each actor will also do a 3-5 minute improv as that character.  See some of the other improvs for hints.  Plus there are Improv Instructions listed under each character.  I want to see you as my character... 

** Actors who don't want to be put on the web
won't have to be.  It won't effect our decisions.
It will effect votes however. 

Send headshots to: 
Kapri Productions
c/o of Elena Moscatt
3252 Keswick Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

E-mail us video segments, resumes and
pictures to: mailto:queenofyin@aol.com

** Note about e-mailing your info:  please use the same title name on your picture as on your resume when sending by e-mail.  This way they match, and remail together.  Thank you!  Elena


Some of our past auditions:

Tiffany Ariany's audition for Mimi DeMaio

Tiffany Ariany auditioned in Baltimore in June, 2008.
She brought tears to our eyes within 3 minutes.  It starts out weak- but finishes strong.  

A fantastic audition!!

A Scene at the Cafe, Jessie's Room, and Post Office

This scene is to test out the characters of Kay, Mimi, and Jessie.  This sequence includes actresses, Sabrina Taylor-Smith,  Jenna St. John, Lauren Lakis, and Sarah Zietlow. 

**  Sabrina Taylor-Smith now plays Kay Willis  Sabrina is also now a producer of Life After Lisa, and she is the co-host of a new series called Click On This with LAL co-star Crystal Milana .  

Lauren Lakis will be playing the role of Alice.




Hey! You could play Lisa!!
We're still looking for "Lisa Shatner"





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