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About The Show

What is Click On This ?

It's a weekly web series about the people of Baltimore, Maryland.  Fun and exciting places to see and do around Baltimore (and the state of Maryland).  We will cover: events, festivals, premiers, restaurants, night clubs,  fashion, bands and music fests, etc.  

If it's hip, hot, and happening?  We're either covering it- or about to cover it.

If you're interested in being featured in an episode, or have ideas for upcoming episodes- please contact us at

Baltimore Women's Film Festival
Crystal and Sabrina interview Marisa Cohen,
the founder of the Baltimore Women's Film Festival

girls of click on this with guests
The first group of Webisodes were filmed in late October and include interviews with some of the local film-makers from the Baltimore Women's Film Festival, including the three film-makers seated between Sabrina and Crystal from Wide Angle Youth Media    

We also filmed the premier of Baltimore's horror film, "Respire" by Director David A. Cross ("Ghostwatcher") and starring Tracy Teague, Mat Wright, and Vince Eustace.  These interviews will be coming out shortly!  

Sabrina and Crystal
Meet the Co-hosts of Click On This  
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