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The series of Life After Lisa will consist of 22 eight minute Webisodes, which could be put together to make a six 1/2hour episode series that could air on television.  The first two webisodes were filmed in Towson, Maryland at the Towson University on November 22nd, and 23rd, 2008.  This page will list the full crew of each webisode as they are filmed.  We will also link to websites, and IMBD.com pages. 

The crew plans the next shot.  Ted Ayd (L) talks to Alex Lenzi (in black) while Steve Scott (Red) and Elena Moscatt look on.

Crew List:

Webisode One:  Jessie Moves In  (Crew List)
Director: Palmer Enfield
Executive Producer: Elena Moscatt
Producer and UPM: Wade Tyree
Producer: Brook Yeaton
Director of Photography: David Kratz
Gaffer: Ted Ayd
Key Grip: Steve Scott
Set Designer: Chris Ashley
Prop Master: Dawson Nolley
Wardrobe Designer: Michael Simon
1st Assistant Director: Melissa Morgan
2nd Assistant Director: Todd Feaser
Boom Operator: Alex Lenzi
Best Boy Grip: Michael Finnegan
Grip: Jeff Rettberg
Wardrobe Assistant: Laura Schwarzman
Craft Services By: Elizabeth Raber
Hair Stylist: Brandi Edinburgh
Hair Stylist: Vicki
Make-Up Stylist: Brandi
Props Assistant: Jennifer Tufaro
Production Assistant: Darcy Rossiter
Production Assistant: Jessi Baroody
Production Assistant: Michael Moore
Production Assistant: Terence R. Sims
Casting Director: Perry Blackmon
Casting Director: Elena Moscatt
Promotions By: Talk About It Entertainment CEO: Joseph Pierre
Product Placement By: Motion Picture Magic Mark Mills, President
Carlos Garcia, Operations Manager
Video Village Equipment: Video Village LLC Contact: Chris Murphy
Still Photographer Day One Paul N. Moscatt
Behind-The-Scenes Photographer Day Two Paul A. Moscatt


Jessi Baroody (L) poses in the hall, Carlene Moscatt in back.  Elena Moscatt poses with Wade Tyree - The producing team.


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Supreme Associate Producer: Marianne Moscatt
Supreme Associate Producer Angeline Moscatt
Supreme Associate Producer Paul N. Moscatt
Supreme Associate Producer Carlene Moscatt
Supreme Associate Producer Michael Economos
Supreme Associate Producer Kathy Harvey 
(Harvey and Daughters)
Awesome Associate Producer Vicki Collins
Awesome Associate Producer - Ebay Extra Cameron Potter
Awesome Associate Producer Fredrick Horwitz
Awesome Associate Producer Larry Gevirtz 
Friend of Production Lois Borganicht
Friend of Production M. Christy Bergland
Friends of Production Nancy and Wes Smith
Friend of Production Marilyn Marcus


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