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Zoe Sloane is Daddy's Girl Zoe Sloane as Daddy's Girl
Our Zoe Sloane - Kapria Coswell - stars as Daddy's Girl - filming this spring!!
See the trailor of her new film - click on her pics above.

       Before we actually filmed- we had a "Pre-Filming" Party at Huckas Sports Bar on Boston Street in Canton (Baltimore City).   The cast and crew actually met for the very first time at this party. 

Cast:  (From Left to Right) Zoe Sloane as Kapria, Stephanie Danielson as Jessie, Tiffany Ariany as Mimi,
and Sabrina Taylor-Smith as Kay, as well as the Co-Host of "Click On This!"  Marlena Neal
stands over top of the cast.  She's ready to...


Three real sisters: Jenny, Mary, and Heather :)

Johnny Alonso and Crystal Milana
Don't forget to check out actor  Johnny Alonso and model / actress Crystal Milana in Click On This

Sarah with her friend.  

Director Palmer Enfield, and hairstylist Brandi Edenburgh.  Click here for the Crew List

Director Palmer Enfield with Producer/ Writer Elena Moscatt at Huckas Sportsbar.

Sabrina lounges with her new co-stars Tiffany and Megan.  Can you believe they all just met?

E. Maboud Ebrahimzadeh and a friend.  E will be playing Lido Lorrell, one of Lisa's friends...
His scenes will be coming up soon!!

Tower Dorms at Towson University

 The Filming of Webisodes One and Two: November 22nd, and 23rd, 2008
The Exterior Scenes: By the Tower Dorms of the Towson University on November 22nd:


Palmer Enfield , our director blocks the scene with Stephanie and Zoe while David Kratz , our DP looks on.

Palmer (L) takes a moment to relax, while Stephanie and Zoe keep warm.


The Texas couple played by Elena Moscatt and Michael Finnegan , and the license plate made by our Props Master, Dawson Nolley .

Key Grip Steve Scott stands by the camera.  In the background- the family car set with props.

Keeping warm by the truck (left to right) Palmer, the director with Zoe (Kapria) and our 1st AD, Melissa Morgan.
Gaffer Ted Ayd in truck, and grips Mike Finnegan and Jeff.

The Cafeteria Scene - at the Towson University

The girls rehearse while the crew sets up the scene.




Stephanie makes her move Megan Rippey as her character- Tammy Tyrell
Stephanie rehearses the cafeteria scene while the crew watches.
Megan Rippey (Tammy Tyrell) waits for her entrence in all her 80s glory.


At the Craft Services Table:




Elena Moscatt poses with Alex Lenzi, our sound guy while Brandi makes up Danielle Faurot, the punk rock girl.



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