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Jessie Beaumont
Kapria Coswell
Mimi DeMaio
Kay Willis
Tammy Tyrell



This is the very first "Jessie Cam" (filmed during the making of webisodes one and two).  This will be part of a series that will be featured on Jessie's bio page.

Jessie walks around with her video camera.  These are a few images that she has caught in her video camera while moving in.  Music by Ego Likeness and Directed By Palmer Enfield. 

  • Name:  Jessica Beaumont
  • Age: 19 years old
  • From: Cincinnati Ohio
  • Single
  • College: Brighton College in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Favorite Food:  Italian
  • Major:  Film/ Communications
  • Favorite Band: The Cure, and The Smiths (love equally!)
  • Favorite Song:  Pictures of You
  • Favorite Celebrity:  Loves Madonna, but wants to be like Candace Bergman in Murphy Brown
  • Favorite drink:  Tequila Sunrise, and Pina Colodas.
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Celebrity Crush: Chachi - Scott Baio, and Emilio Estevez
  • Favorite Film: Breakfast Club
  • Favorite TV series: Twin Peaks (the mini series)
  • "I feel like my life is turning into an episode of "Twin Peaks.  I get here.  Everything feels so weird- this girl named Lisa is just haunting my life..."

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Jessie is a simple girl from Ohio.  In high school she was part of the artistic/nerdy crowd.  She hung out with the drama department, and the computer geeks.    She had a nice group of friends.  But Mary Beth always seemed to get all the attention.  This will be the first time Jessie is away from her childhood friend.  And now college is giving her a new chance to shine- and to take front center in the spot light.  Move over Mary Beth, it's Jessie's turn...

Jessie Beaumont starts her freshmen year at Brighton College a semester late- January 20th, 1987.  She gets her own room- Adele 301.  She meets some of the girls on her floor including the house president Tammy Tyrell, and the fashionistas of the floor - Mimi Demaio and Kay Willis.  The girls immediately pull Jessie into their world - inviting her to lunch where she witnesses an argument about a girl named Lisa. 

 When Jessie moves into her room at Brighton College- she has no idea how much her "infamous" roommate Lisa (a roommate that she would never actually meet) could impact her life so much.  Follow Jessie on her college journey through self discovery and growing up in 1987. 




Stephanie Danielson (SAG) grew up in Maryland and has been living in NYC for the past four years as an Actress for Film, TV, Stage, and Commercials as well as a Commercial Print Model. 

Most recent and current Film Projects include "Life After Lisa" (Kapri Productions, LLC), "Dry Ice" (Shadow Films), "Boiler!" (Miles Maker & Reverie Pictures), "Rumble Valley" (Zachary S. Strauss, Director), and "Hungry Years" (Last Ditch Pictures). 

Stephanie can also be seen in Commercials and/or Print Ads for Been Verified, Bank of America, Epiduo, the TAT Tech Massage Machine, and the popular Online Luxury Magazine known as Juli b. 

Stage Credits include Hecate in the World Premiere of "All The World's A Grave" (NYC), Marina in the World Premiere of "In This Fallen City" (Gene Frankel Theater, NYC), Stephanie Woodruff in "Introductions" (National Comedy Theatre), Bianca in "The Taming of the Shrew/Tamer Tamed" (Shakespeare In The Valley, NH), Miranda in "The Tempest" (Shakespeare In The Valley, NH), and the "Shakespeare Alive!" TOUR (MD Shakespeare Festival). 

TRAINING: American Musical and Dramatic Academy. 

Official Website: www.StephDanielson.com!

Visit Stephanie's Web sites at:

Jessie Beaumont
Kapria Coswell
Mimi DeMaio
Kay Willis
Tammy Tyrell


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