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" Bye Mom and Dad.  I just met this new girl named Lisa and we're going to dance to the B52's and get wasted on Bartles and James.  I'll be fine.  You just go on home to Texas and pick me up next June ;) "


  • Name:  Kapria Renee Coswell
  • Age: 21 years old
  • From: San Antonio, Texas
  • Single
  • College: Brighton College in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Favorite Food:  Southern- ofcourse! 
  • Major:  Child Education (I want to be a teacher),  Okay - maybe even get a nursing degree?  But I'm constantly changing my mind.  I could be a Weather Girl - I'm obsessed with chasing storms, especially hurricanes. 
  • Favorite Band: AC-DC, Van Halen, and now Depeche Mode and Thompson Twins (They remind me of Lisa)
  • Favorite Song:  "King for Just a Day" by the Thompson Twins
  • Favorite Celebrity:  Heather Locklear, and Christie Brinkley. 
  • Favorite drink:  Bartles and James wine coolers
  • Favorite Color: pink 
  • Celebrity Crush: Dylan from 90210.  Okay- also Brandon, maybe? 
  • Favorite Film: Pretty In Pink
  • Favorite TV series:  90210, Married With Children, Dynasty.
  • "I don't know what to say.  I've lost my best friend in the whole world- and no one could ever bring her back.  I miss her so much.   

Zoe Sloan and Mike Tecce
Kapria with her LOVE- Robby Sandler

Do you want to dress like Kapria?  Here are some suggestions from  Click on the pics!

Kapria feels so lost without Lisa.  The world is a colder place...

A very simple description of Kapria Coswell - she's the country mouse that moves to Baltimore, Maryland from San Antonio, Texas, and meets the wild, sexy City mouse - Lisa Shatner.  For the next three years of their lives- Lisa and Kapria party with their "group" and have the best times of their lives.  Kapria learns from the wild Lisa, and becomes the sister that neither one ever had. 

Then Lisa is killed in a car crash.  Kapria blames herself for not being there with Lisa.  "If I had left with her- I would not of let her drive.  I would have saved her. "  Kapria left that night with her "boyfriend" Robby Sandler.  She still blames Robby for this. 

Now, in January 1987, Kapria returns to school to try to complete her senior year without Lisa.   But everywhere she goes- she's haunted by images of Lisa.  Of memories, of people that remind her of Lisa, and now by some girl named Jessie Beaumont who lives in Lisa's old room, and is making some cheesy documentary about Lisa. 

"As if she ever knew her...  She'll never replace my best friend. NEVER!!!"



Zoe Sloane

Zoe Sloane is a NY based actress studying for her BFA at Pace University and hopes to go on to receive an MFA from the Actors Studio. Zoe is passionate about acting  and film and loves exploring her character (Kapria) as well as any role she is given. You can see Zoe is the independent horror film Breadcrumbs  and the upcoming Morgan Spurlock documentary Freakonomics.

Zoe has just been cast as the leading woman in the new suspense thriller, "Daddy's Girl" directed by Chris Notarile, and also starring John Wesley Shipp (The Flash) and Kim Santiago (Jack and Jill).  The film will go into production in the spring 2010.   To read all about it- check their site out HERE   **We always knew our sexy Zoe was a.. "Daddy's Girl"!!


Zoe Sloane's IMDB Page

We always knew our Zoe Sloane was a "Daddy's Girl"!!

Here is Zoe as "The Girl" in the SureFire music video- "Comeback Kid"


Zoe Sloane

See Zoe's Audition Improv!!
See Zoe's Audition Improv




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