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It's All About Kay!


Mimi and Kay - posing on campus.

  • Name:  Kayla Jeannette Willis
  • Age: 20 years old
  • From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Single (Kind of..  Got a long distance boyfriend)
  • College: Brighton College in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Favorite Food:  Indian - spicey!  And anything with Seafood.  Love Seafood.
  • Major:  Music - Voice (yes, I am a singer!) and I'm minoring in Literature.  I consider myself a writer.  They always seem to turn into songs, but they start out as stories.  That's why I respected Lisa so much- she was a poet.  An incredible poet!  Mimi admired her for her fashion sense, I admired her for her style (with words)...
  • Favorite Band: Wow- only one?  LL Cool Jay, The Commodores, Lionel Richie, U2, and so many more.  Also love Jazz, Blues, and music in general.  You're asking this to a music major? 
  • Favorite Celebrity:   Hmm...  Tina Turner..  Yeah.. 
  • Favorite drink:  Wine.  Any wine - all wines.. 
  • Favorite Color: Purple and gold
  • Celebrity Crush: Will Smith, and Bono.  Billy Idol's kind of sexy too. 
  • Favorite Film: Dirty Dancing, and Flash Dance.
  • Favorite TV series: Dynasty, ofcourse!  Also like Miami Vice. 
  • "Professor Pratt kind of looks like he could be in Miami Vice, doesn't he?  I kind of have a crush on him."
  • Mimi and I met last year-she was my roommate.  Even though we have our own rooms we still act like roommates.  She barges into my room anytime she feels like it.  She almost interrupted a very personal moment between my boyfriend Gary and I. Haha!!  Well.. It wasn't funny back then- but it is funny now...
One of Kay's Favorite songs:
   Preview of Ep 3:Across Campus 
From the camera of Jessie Beaumont - Mimi and Kay goof off for the camera.

Do You want to dress like Kay?  Here are some suggestions from KarmaLoop.com  Click on the pics!!



(L) Performing at Warsaw (R) The Sweetheartz post show shot at the Milkbar in Hamburg 

Sabrina's Biography:
Singer, songwriter and Actor, Sabrina is the first US citizen in her family. She was born in Harlem, New York to a Trinidadian Indian mother and a British West African father. Her parents separated when she was one, and she and her sister Daniella were raised in Columbia, Maryland by her mother and stepfather from Hong Kong, China with Presbyterian, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist religious influences. Sabrina’s childhood was influenced by many different cultures making Sabrina a true American-girl with the ethnic colors of America. 

(L) Photo shoot with Michelle Cole in LA (R) And performing.

At the age of 2 Sabrina was a singer and later wrote songs on scraps of paper. To get the music out of her head she taught herself to play the piano. Her music is her own, a little Joss Stone, Mariah Carey and Fiona Apple. Sabrina at the young age of 7 began to experiment with acting, writing screenplays and monologues she intended to star in one day. Sabrina attended Marymount Manhattan College in New York and received a competitive scholarship for acting but left to join the Sweetheartz, a girl band in Hamburg Germany. In Germany she worked with songwriter Terri Bjerre and producer Torsten Abrolat and received training from Marvin Smith, Kevin Smith, Barry Sloane and Lincoln Taye. She toured Europe with the Sweetheartz between 2005-2007. At the end of 2007, Sabrina went to IPOP Las Vegas where she won several awards for singing and acting, following this competition was a 3 song EP that Sabrina cowrote and coproduced. Sabrina’s music is a spectrum of her life influences giving rise to these experimental lyrical and musical inventions that reflect the colors of different genres of music.



See Sabrina's Fashion Improv 
See Sabrina's Kay Improv



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