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Kapria Coswell
Mimi DeMaio
Kay Willis
Tammy Tyrell




  • Name:  Maria Anne DeMaio
  • Age: 19 years old
  • From: Brooklyn, New York
  • Single and loving it
  • College: Brighton College in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Favorite Food:  Italian.  Nothing like Mama's meatballs with the special DeMaio sauce.
  • Major:  Fashion and Design.  Studying the art of clothing.  Currently working on some hot DeMaio Jeans.   "Do you want to know what comes between me and my Mimi DeMaio's? Absolutely Nothing.."  Oh- Calvin already took that slogan?  Oh well.. 
  • Favorite Band: Depeche Mode, and the Thompson Twins.   (They remind me of Lisa) Also love The Cure, The Smiths, and Missing Persons.
  • Favorite Song:  "Lucky Star" by Madonna.
  • Favorite Celebrity:  Easy one- MADONNA  And Gia..  I can't believe she just died last year.  That's so heart-breaking.
  • Favorite drink:  Bartles and James wine coolers
  • Favorite Color: pink 
  • Celebrity Crush:  John Stamos, John Cusak, Johnny Depp, and John Travolta.. 
  • Favorite Hobby: BOYS!! I play the game well.  I'm an expert at "Control" - which reminds me- Love Janet J. too- she's my girl!
  • Favorite Film: Pretty In Pink
  • Favorite TV series:  Dallas and Dynasty.  Love the clothing!!
  • "I'm not a bitch.   I  just say it as I see it, Babe. "


With my best bud Kayla Willis.  She's the best!
   Preview of Ep 3:Across Campus 
From the camera of Jessie Beaumont - Mimi and Kay goof off for the camera.




From an article in the Iran Times - By Grace Nasri, Iran Times

Tiffany Ariany is a young, Iranian-American actress based in Virginia who is proud of getting top marks as a college student while simultaneously launching a career in film, television and theater. 

Ariany, 20, was born in Danbury, Connecticut.  She is currently a dean's list student at Northern Virginia Community College—planning on transferring to a university in the next few months—and has been in film, television, commercials, and theater doing acting, modeling, dance and voiceovers.  Click Here to read more



"Tiffany's Audition for Mimi DeMaio was fantastic!
She made us cry within less then 3 minutes- I couldn't imagine anyone else in this role."
                                                             - Elena Moscatt


Tiffany's Official Sites:  www.myspace.com/tiffanyariany



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