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Ego Likeness
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Music and Band News:
  • Ego Likeness is on tour around the USA - for the complete list- check out their MySpace Page here.
  • "Congratulations to Parralox for being written up in the Perez Hilton Website!!  Perez loves Parralox and so do we!!" - With love from Elena Moscatt and the cast and crew of Life After Lisa. 
  • Check out the article HERE! 


Ego Likeness was created by artist Steven Archer and writer Donna Lynch in Baltimore in 1999. Their music has ranged from raw, darkly experimental trip-hop, moody and melodic electronica, to industrial dance and darkwave.

EL has toured extensively throughout the continental United States and Germany, as well as Poland, the UK, and Luxembourg, and has played numerous conventions and festivals. They are presently recording their 4th full length album and will be on tour this spring and again in the fall.

Archer is the creator of the experimental/noise project Hopeful Machines since early 2005 and has albums available for download. He DJs at Spellbound in Washington DC, and Ascension at Club Orpheus in Baltimore, and is also the author and illustrator of a children's book, "Luna Maris" (Imaginary Books, 2008), and a illustrated fable entitled "Red King Black Rook" (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2009)

In addition to co-writing for EL and touring, Lynch is currently working on several short stories and a second novel. Her first novel "Isabel Burning" (RDSP 2008) is now available through Raw Dog Screaming Press. She has released two collections of poetry, "In My Mouth" (2000) and "Ladies & Other Vicious Creatures" (RDSP 2007). 





Watch their music video of Aviary:



Promotional Piece for Steve's Book:
Luna Maris


Watch a performance by Ego Likeness:




Parralox are
Roxy (vocals) &
John Von Ahlen (production)



Roxy, an Australian born self managed Singer/Songwriter, spent much of the last 2000 - 2006 years splitting her time between Melbourne and London writing, recording and performing in both territories. Her collaborators include: John Von
Ahlen (The Tenth Stage, Big brother, Before the Game, and Rove Live), John Collins (Gina G, writer on Anthony Callea’s debut album); Duane Morrison (co-writer Madison Avenue’s Don’t Call me Baby); UK production team Mauve

In December 2004 Roxy won the MusicOz Best Dance Artist Award with the song “Electric Nights” – incidentally produced and co-written by John Von Ahlen! This lead to broad spectrum media, exposure in both National Press and Top 40 Radio.
Including a nationally broadcast interview and radio play on the Austereo Network‘s many high rating radio stations.

John Von Ahlen has been writing and producing music for over 15 years. His production/collaboration credits include Big
Brother Australia, Delta Goodrem, Olivia Newton-John, Gina G, Belinda Emmett, Rove Live (TV Theme), skitHouse (TV Theme), Queer As Folk, The Wog Boy (Soundtrack), Tabula Rasa (Soundtrack), Johnny X, Mr Jones, Craig Heath , RealLife, Angelspit and Tankt.

Parralox was formed in February 2008 because John needed a vehicle to express the electro music he was creating but didn’t fit in with the style of his other, much darker band, The Tenth Stage. After a bit of head scratching he called Roxy and
asked if she would like to collaborate together on an exciting music project, which she of course agreed to! Parralox released their music on myspace and within a matter of weeks the electronic community had embraced them, as the reviews above testify. This led to the band being requested to appear on the Electronically Yours Vol 1 Compilation CD (UNDO Records/EMI Greece) organised by the founder of the Electronically Yours after he heard Parralox’s music on their myspace page

In September 2008 their album “Electricity” was the #2 best selling CD on the MusicnonStop Store in UK. Their debut album Electricity was released September 2008. It is a Limited Edition CD, released in conjunction with the Electronically Yours website, and features 3 bonus tracks.

The band will launch their album in London, UK on November 28th @ Industry Club, presented by Electronically Yours.




"File under 'next big electropop thing'... "
- Popjustice.com

"'Electricity' is packed with marvellous tunes for the heart and the feet. But there's passion too, perfect for your 'Electric Nights'. Electronic music in the 80s was often exciting but rarely sexy. 'Electricity' manages to be both exciting and sexy. It's almost relentlessly upIt fills the void left by GOLDFRAPP now they've gone all folk! CHI Rating: 9 out of 10"
- Electronically Yours

"John and Roxy have come up with an amazingly catchy electro pop sound, very radio-friendly and sounding like a cross between Girls Aloud and The Human League"
- Worrapolava

" The electronic duo called Parralox is on the verge of something big.I am stoked at how cool these guys are. With influences in comics, Sci-Fi, and synth pop, I know I am going to enjoy this album!”
- Olgalovesyuri


The following tracks on the CD have already received extensive radio play in UK/Europe

03 - Electricity
06 - Sharper Than A Knife
18 - Creep (Radiohead cover version)

For more details please email parralox@parralox.com

or visit Parralox @ 


Parralox - Sharper Than A Knife (Rear Projection)


From John's other Band, The Tenth Stage

Directed by John Von Ahlen & Roberto Massaglia
Produced at Subterrane Studios.
Copyright 2007



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