When I think about Lisa.. 

You know she's my sister.  I've got a whole lifetime of memories.. 

Ok.. Here's one:

When I was 15 and she was 11 years old, Mom had this crazy ass boyfriend..  He was always drunk and angry.  He never worked.  Total bum. Anyway, we decided that we'd had enough of him- so we pulled mom aside and said, "Either he goes, or we go."  We were ready to pack up and move to Dads.  He lived in Boston.  We didn't care how we got there- we were ready to go. 

So Mom said that she was in love with him and didn't want to give him up, but that she would talk him into moving out.  Maybe the space would help their relationship. 

That night she had the talk with him.  And we were hanging out in my room playing scrabble.  Lisa loved word games.  Anyway, he was so angry he started throwing things at Mom.  And I remember Mom crying and screaming, and Dan yelling and throwing things.  It was like a scene out of a horror film.  Lisa and I were sitting in my room listening to this shit, you know. 

Finally Lisa couldn't take it anymore.  So she grabbed my toy handcuffs (which weren't really toys- if ya know what I mean), and she took them out to the living room and startled Mom and Dan.  She screamed at the top of her lungs, "If you two don't start acting grown up, I'll handcuff you to both together and make you stand in a corner until you do GROW UP!"

Mom and Dan froze in complete silence and stared at me and Lisa.    It was the funniest thing ever!  An eleven year old scolding two thirty year olds like they were the children. 

Anyway- it worked.  They calmed down and we all had a nice quiet evening that night.     I remember Dan was listening to Super Tramp on the stereo, and I attempted to play along on my guitar.  It turned out to be quite nice.  Dan moved out later that month, and Mom and Dan soon broke up. 

A few months later my handcuffs disappeared.  I think my mother actually stole them from me.  Haha!


  • Name:  Steven Marcus Shatner
  • nickname: Tell ya later (Wink)
  • Age: 24 years old
  • From: Baltimore, Maryland, Hon.  Grew up in Highlandtown.  Spent my childhood in the bars of Fells Point and Federal Hill.  Mom's was a professional drunk.. Joking! 
  • Single?  Me? Never! (Wink)
  • College: Naaa.  Never had the time.  Too busy with the band, or writing my songs.  When I need money I just work the streets.  Joking!  I bartend or wait tables when I need to. 
  • Teach guitar to the neighborhood kids.  My band's been making some great money recently.  We were on tour right before Lisa passed.  I've been taking some time off.  Needed alone time.


  • Favorite Food:  Hmm  I don't care.  I eat when I'm hungry. 
  • Favorite Bands: Heard of Reptile house or the band Void?  Both bands are local, and friends of mine.  Great bands!! 
  • Ok-National Bands.. (besides my own) The Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Angry Samoans, and Social Distortion.  Did I leave any out?  Anything fierce and loud- that gets that blood pumping.  My sister loved the softer more lyrical music- Thompson Twins, Erasure, Yaz, and Alphaville.  I sometimes get into that music as well. Especially now when I want to remember my sister...
  • Favorite Celebrity:  What's this?  Tiger Beat? What are celebrities anyway?
  • Favorite drink:  Natty Bo, Man. Gotta love our Baltimore Beer! For those that don't know- it's real name is National Bohemian.
  • Favorite Color: It changes everyday. 





Coffee With Johnny!
Fear of Clowns 2 Premiere Promo With Johnny Alonso on WJZ13

Johnny Alonso

Johnny Alonso got his degree in acting from N.Y.U.'s Actor's Studio. A scout from ABC studios saw Alonso's work during an improvisational technique class and asked him to audition for a role they have not been able to book for almost 2 months. Alonso landed the 1 year contract role as "Seth" a pine valley high school student/Susan Lucci's nephew on "All My Children" straight out of the Actor's Studio - not bad for his first gig. From there many gigs have followed: a guest starring role next to Ned Betty and Andre Brauer on "Homicide", a 2 episode guest starring contract on "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" (Alonso worked with Sarah Michelle Gellar right before she left All My Children), a contract role next to Samuel L. Jackson in "Rules Of Engagement", "Axe" the bass player/boyfriend to Rachel Leigh Cooke's character in "Stateside.

Things really picked up when Johnny landed a serious recurring on the last season of "Dawson's Creek" as "Jimmy Franco", a snide junior stock broker next to Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes. Originally a 2 episode contract (directed by Joanna Kerns from Growing Pains/Lifetime) became an 8 episode run with Dawson, Joey and Pacey. Also, Alonso holds the record for the only actor to audition 28 times for a series on the WB before landing a job! Call it fate to have worked with Joanna Kerns. Joanna said she and Alonso would work together again one day - well, right after Dawson's Creek came to an end, Johnny's agent got a call from ABC and Disney. This stroke of luck gave Johnny the chance to work with the original cast from the series Growing Pains in "Growing Pains II - Return Of The Seavers" as "Mickey" Chrissy's r-n-r, bad new boyfriend (Chrissy is the youngest Seaver played by Ashley Johnson). Johnny spent 1 month on location in New Orleans Co-starring with Kirk Cameron, Ashley Johnson, Joanna Kerns, Traci Gold.

Disney execs loved what he did for that Hallmark special, they cast Johnny in the Disney summer special "Stuck In The Suburbs" as "Trent" the hyperactive music video director. Again shot around the French Quarter in New Orleans. When all of this dust settled Johnny got called in for an audition for the new WB series "One Tree Hill" and landed the current recurring role of "Joey D." Haley and Chris' New York band/tour manager (Bethany Joy Lens plays the role of "Haley" and Tyler Hilton plays "Chris") Again this was a 2 episode deal which has been extended to 9 episodes (so far) - Johnny is the only actor to segway from Dawson's Creek to One Tree Hill (which took Dawson's Creek's place) and this time Johnny only auditioned 1 time for his role - this time around. Many other co-starring and Guest Starring credits include "F.B.I. Files, The Adventures Of Young Van Helsing, Johnny Come Lately, Night Cry, "The Passing" - the list is getting heavy.

Johnny won an emmy for co-hosting his series NASA 360 - a web series on the Nasa Web Site.  Way to go, Johnny!!  They also won for best editing! Check out his NASA 360 website as well as his Official Website:  www.JohnnyAlonso.com

Visit Johnny's NASA 360 page by clicking here.


Johnny Alonso as lead guitarist in the Duran Duran coverband, Rio.  
Here's more about the video and band - Rio:

"Rio" Southern California's premiere and only Duran Duran tribute band. With their high energy shows, authentic and classic Duran styled looks and wardrobe plus detalied music to match, these boys put on a show Duran fans of all ages will fully enjoy and respect. Feel the full body of the Duran Duran standards and classics playing Duran favorites - Planet Earth, Save A Prayer, View To A Kill, Girls On Film, Rio, Hungry Like The Wolf...the list is on going and the set is hot! Featuring; Jake Monavie as Simon Le Bon, Gil Barron as John Taylor, Johnny Alonso as Andy Taylor, Doug Smith as Roger Taylor and Jason Alonso as Nick Rhodes. Enjoy this video press kit. "Rio" A Tribute To Duran Duran.

More at Johnny's YouTube page HERE

Johnny has not only co-hosted - he has been the subject being interviewed as well.  Here he is on the new Lifestyles show "Click On This" as the host- where he interviews Terry Coffman, the owner of Velleggia's Italian Seafood Restaurant in the first clip.  And in the 2nd clip, he is the one being interviewed by LAL co-stars Crystal Milana and Sabrina Taylor-Smith .  

Johnny Alonso SAG/AFTRA Actor - Actor's Demo Reel (older version)
- see clips of Johnny from the WB/CW Network's "One Tree Hill" and "Dawson's Creek", ABC/Disney Special "Growing Pains Reunion 'Return Of The Seavers' ", Disney Channel's summer special "Stuck In The Suburbs" NBC's "Homicide" plus my film clips from "Serial Mom", "Rules Of Engagement" and a few other films. 


Check out Johnny in The Department




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