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  • Name:  Anthony Joseph Warner - nickname: Toejo
  • Age: 23 years old
  • From: Rye, New York
  • Single 
  • College: Guilford University in Baltimore, Maryland.  Graduated in May, 1986.  Was about to go to Harvard Medical School when girlfriend was killed.  Couldn't concentrate- so is taking a year off. Will go to Harvard in the future.
  • Favorite Food:  Italian, and Indian.
  • Major:  Medical
  • Favorite Band: Hmm.  The Smiths, Beasty Boys, The Cure, U2, The Police- anything that reminds me of Lisa. Also- anything that doesn't. 
  • Favorite Song:  Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins. 
  • Favorite Celebrity:  Female? Heather Locklear.  Dude? Me..Okay.  Morrissey, Elvis and the Fonz. 
  • Favorite drink:  Natty Bo!  What else?  We live in B'more, hon. 
  • Favorite Color: the color Purple
  • Celebrity Crush: Again.  Heather Locklear.  Also Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith.  This is so fuckin' goofy.  How much more of this, Jessie ?
  • "When I think about Lisa..   I think about the times we would lay on the fields around campus, and she would recite her poetry to me.   And sometimes she'd recite lyrics from her favorite songs..   This is a quote from one of her favorites: 
"..You say I'm a dreamer.   We're two of a Kind. Both of us searching for some perfect world we know we'll never find.    So perhaps I should leave here.  Yeah.   And go far away.   But you know that there's no where that I'd rather be then with you here today..."
-Hold Me Now, by the Thompson Twins



Aaron Mathis as Toejo Warner

 The Four


 Lisa and Toejo




Actor Aaron Mathias

Aaron Mathias is interested in the exploration of himself and his relation to the creation of universes.   Making films is one of his vehicles for that journey.   He has appeared as the lead in over 20 short films and numerous plays.   He has also been the lead in the feature films Anything For You,  The Ice Grill Usa and the upcoming science fiction series Trenches. 

You can check out the above at:



Aaron Mathias just wrapped the lead in the new pilot, Trenches produced by Stage 9 and Touchstone Television. Directed by acclaimed director Shane Felux.  Stay tuned!!!!!! 

Official Trenches Website:

Aaron Mathias


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